IRIANS Research Inst Pvt. Ltd. – Who are we?

IRIANS– International Research Institute for Applied Neuroscience- is the international research institute and educational centre for the security, corporate and educational field formed by professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Clinical/Counselling Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Neuromarketing, Neuroscience, Fraud Detection, Critical Interviewing, Deception Detection, Architecture, Engineering, Neuro-Coaching, NLP and Human Resources among others. IRIANS uses proven information-gathering methodologies which allow us to apply Neuroscientific and Psychological research to every professional field through the mainstream of these sciences. Studying human behavior can bring to light all our questions, decisions, actions, thoughts, talents, ideas and dreams, thereby unlocking unexplored pathways and soaring to new heights of knowledge through Neuroscience and Psychology. Our services and products yield an exclusive level of analysis that enables competitive advantage and high-value insight for organizational and individual benefit. IRIANS is privately held and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.”

 IRIANS. Your Institute. 

 Changing the way the world perceives Neuroscience