We all have awkward moments of course. But awkwardness is a way of life for some people. Awkward people, because of they are tightly focus and often oblivious to cues, are at risk for overtalking.

Ty Tashiro breaks this group of people further into 3 types:

1.) The Narcissists- they like the attention, they like talking about themselves. There’s not much you can do with the narcissist.

2.) The Extroverts- people with over-confidence and low self-control.

3.) The Overengagers- They can be space invaders—they get nearer than eighteen inches away, their nonverbals are really exaggerated, and they’ll sometimes talk loud and for too long.
Awkward people often overtalk because they get so singularly focused on a subject that they don’t realize they’ve lost their audience. Or they might keep going because as long as they are talking, they have control.
​Sophia Dembling


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