Terrorism is a very complex thing, all formed by religion, batshit crazy guys, weapons everywhere, white guys wearing black clothes running around supermarkets with AK-47 which of course they know how to use because at the same time they also produce YouTube tutorials about very regular and useful techniques for the layman such as ‘How to behead your neighbor’, ‘How did I invade your country’, ‘The big bang religion’, ‘Modern family…in Syria’, amongst others. Of course this is portrayed in a more serious note when addressed by BBC World News, CNN, TOI, The Guardian, The New York Times when describing and relating what terrorism is about and how those crazy individuals are actually planning to destroy the world. Obviously, the world will always begin its destruction from the U.S., followed by Europe (Paris/London) and continuing towards the East (Taj Mahal). At the same time, they tell you how powerful our countries are because we have developed new weapons that will eradicate terrorism right away, forgetting that if we have come to that conclusion, those ‘terrorists’ could have also reached the same one.

But, after all, in the recent years, we have finally understood, most of us, that weaponised actions actually lead you nowhere and the only way to fight terrorism is through non-violence, psychology. But how to do this? How do we apply human psychology to the fight against terrorism? Or should I say the fight with terrorism? Quoting Martin Luther King Jr., he said that accepting blows without retaliating weakens the morale of the vicious opponent. Therefore, non-violence is a higher strategy, more refined and able to refuse the terrorist mind and intentions. We can keep killing them all, no problem for that. We do have resources. But the problem is that terrorism cannot be erased by cutting men down because it isn’t an organization. We are talking about something bigger than that, something more powerful. We are talking about an ideal, a life purpose.

To continue, I would like to call 3 volunteers on the stage, random ones. (VOLUNTEERS COME ON THE STAGE) So now here we are with (VOLUNTEERS NAMES) Nice to meet you. So, don’t be nervous. We are going to talk about something simple. I am going to ask you about something that you actually experience every day: Life.  So the question is the same for each of you and the answer is just one word. “Tell me one element in human lives, in our race, our nature, that is common to every single individual on the planet.” (VOLUNTEERS REPLY) The three elements which belong to you, to your family, to Donald Trump and even to the wanted suspects of Interpol are Love, Death and Time. We seek Love and appreciation, we fear Death and we are always running out of Time. So, if we are so similar in nature, why are we so focused in eradicating each other because of our idealistic conflict? You want to know why? It all applies to firstly the use of time. We want to understand why do we do what we do and in this case why terrorists do what they do. But we think that it will take a lot of time so we take the easy solution and cut the branches of a tree of which the roots will always keep growing. We are slaves of the social structure, we are psychologically punished 24/7, with the fear and reminder of death. So in the end, how do we actually hijack someone’s mind when it has already been poisoned? Well, no denial that it takes time, a long time. But its worth it.  The only way to do this is through, in the first place, not being ignorant. If you are scared of Islam because of what media sells you, that’s fine. But you have to go and read the Quran. You must travel and visit the Middle-East. You must have the guts to meet the people you are scared of and then be able to say they are right or media was right. Media tells us that ISIS wants us to come down to your knees and say, “I quit”. But they are told that we expect the same from them. It is not about hijacking their brains, but hijacking ours first. You cannot train a football team if you don’t know how to play football. In the same way, you cannot expect social integration, understanding, peace and socialization when you yourself live in a restricted social structure that limits you and conditions your critical thinking as something very wrong and which you should not do.

Psychology and non-violence is not the weapon of the weak, but the weapon of the strong. Remember that, everybody dies, but not everybody lives. And it is your call how you want to live your life and how you want other’s lives to be lived.



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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