Conducting Airstrikes on Syria in a Supposed Attempt to Take Out ISIS Targets

Who actually is ISIS & where did they come from?

I will refer to Angela Keaton’s answer “founder of”

ISIS is “entirely a creation of the United States’ behavior in Iraq.”

“That’s how we got to where we are, because of war, because of occupation, because of torture,” Keaton said. “The United States government completely destabilized and wrecked Iraq. They caused it to fail miserably and that is entirely the fault of the United States government. There is no one else to blame.”

“It’s horrible because when Saddam Hussein was there Iraq was not unstable it was a functioning country”
This is what happened when the US entered Iraq

They Destroyed the government

Toppled Saddam Hussein

Destroyed Infrastructure

And Most importantly left behind a Power Vacuum, one that would never exist if Saddam wouldn’t have been overthrown by the US government.

Danniel McAdams from Ron Paul Institute says “This is a historical fact that media don’t want to discuss”, This was the easy part of the story which states that US created conditions in Iraq where ISIS can get a start.
Let’s check the other part, even with Saddam gone ISIS wouldn’t have raised to power.

But this is what happened :
2006 – ISIS begin as a small insurgent group in Iraq, they had no money, no reliability to recruit and they did work to create a very limited problem for the US military.
2009 – ISIS shifted their focus from Iraq where it was largely unsuccessful to develop a foothold and focused on the civil war in Syria even their ISIS had to struggle very hard because the two largest groups fighting against the President Bashar al-Assad were Al-Qaeda and FSA (Free Syrian Army).
Till then ISIS was nothing but on June 2013 the Northern general for the FSA (Free Syrian Army) said on Al Jazeera Qatar if they don’t receive help from international forces to rebels they will loose the war in just one month. Though President Obama in a response to the question of Ben Swann (Investigative Journalist) said the US will only provide support to the opposition leadership including political transition, observance of human rights and we are not going to just dive in and involve in the civil war.
Within just a week of the Syrian General plea for help, The US, South East, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel begin providing weapons, training and money to the so-called rebels FSA, By September 2013 American media (CNN, Washington Post etc) state “CIA-Funded weapons have begun flowing to Syrian Rebels” the weapons might not have been American made but were funded and organized by CIA but in less than a year weapons that the US said were sent to Rebels were seen in hands of ISIS fighters so actually the group that the US said will help them overthrow the Asad regime was sending weapons, selling weapons and sending fighters to the new group called the ISIS.

“Free Syrian Army Pledged services to the ISIS”

June-2014 ISIS returned to Iraq with heavy weapons and trained by the US crossing the Syrian border and taking control over the Northern parts of the country (Iraq), ISIS was also able to expand easily with the help of US military equipment that US army had left behind in Iraq. Even after getting knowledge that the pieces of equipment were not in hands of ISIS the whole world saw the videos and pictures of ISIS with US military equipment but the US didn’t take any action.
How is it possible for the millions funded intelligence agency of America to not know this was coming how can they forget about all the equipment left back in Iraq, Why were they not destroyed or taken back? Was it planned from beginning?
There are so many questions that which still remains unanswered.


ISIS is not a creation of America’s actions which created a situation where they can take a start and develop (this is what media always tell) but ISIS is the product of America’s direct action first action of creating the power vacuum created in Iraq and second arming violent rebels hoping they will help to overthrow a leader in a middle eastern country.

As McAdams says : US is a victim of its own insane policies, the US is hostage to its own regime change philosophy, the US is very good blowing things up destroying societies but its very bad in putting them back together.
And I say they are bad in putting back together because they never want to put together they always aim for destruction. Below are some facts:

The US armed Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and created Al-Qaeda.

The US provided chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein in order to use them against Iran in 1980 and killed him in 2003.

US armed and funded rebels in Syria who have become a group named ISIS committing every violent atrocity you can imagine in Iraq, Syria and now Afghanistan.
RT News, Truth in Media – The Origin of ISIS by Ben Swann.

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