Morphic Resonance

Several years ago, I came across a fascinating theory by molecular biologist Rupert Sheldrake called ‘Morphic Resonance’. In essence, this theory states that memory is collective. Every self-organising being inherits memories from their previous life forms. It states that memory need not be stored in material places in the brain. According to the theory, memory is, in fact, more like a TV tuner that tunes itself to recall past memories. Every act committed then becomes a part of the collective memory thus affecting every being of the species.

In simpler terms, it means that what I think now can be ‘remembered’ by someone else totally unrelated to me. Much like what happened with the theory of evolution that was proposed by two people independently. Visualize a field where all thought accumulates. And then visualize being able to pick out any thought from it, like pulling a single worm from an entanglement of worms.

I found this thought absolutely revolutionary. It was fascinating to imagine a field of thought that anyone could automatically access. It could explain so many things—the odd coincidences, feelings of déjà vu, sensing an occurrence before being informed of it, and so on. This could be in any form of thought, even dreams, and telepathy. I once dreamt that a certain city was going through a weird traffic situation. When I discussed this with a friend living in that city, I found out that something similar had actually happened. Another time, I dreamt that a choreographer friend got an offer to choreograph an item song. Again, this had happened to him just a couple of days prior to my dream. The most significant dream was one in which a friend, with whom I hadn’t been in touch, appeared to me and told me that he was shifting homes. Months later, I found out that he actually had been in the process of moving. Over the years, many such dreams and incidents have convinced me that the morphic resonance field is, in fact, real.

I feel like this theory even gives us an insight into the famous ‘secret’ wherein what you give to the universe is what you get. The ‘secret’ explains what the law of the Universe is and morphic resonance seems to explain how it works. I think the two are inextricably tied. In fact, the best analogy for this would be Facebook. Imagine every thought you have as being a status message, and every reaction you have becomes a comment. And when you ‘comment’, you see more such ‘posts’, while others with no ‘interaction’ are pushed out of your newsfeed. Haven’t you noticed that while you have liked a lot of pages, you get updates only from the ones you ‘like’ or comment on? It is the same with the morphic resonance field. You get access to events that you think about. In Facebook terms, this is called ‘organic reach’.

So by this logic, you are likely to sense the thoughts of your near and dear ones—or even rivals or those you don’t get along with—the ones that you are ‘tuned’ to. The thoughts you have are reflected in your atmosphere. Some thoughts even go ‘viral’ in a way. For instance, when there’s a song that’s liked by the masses, it gets ‘stuck’ in your head even though you may not personally like it. Just like a viral video, that pops up everywhere on your newsfeed. Or a ‘trending’ topic on twitter.

Have you noticed the coincidences? You think about something and poof! You see something similar to it. Suppose you think of carrying a broomstick, suddenly the world will be full of people carrying broomsticks just when you pass by. Because of your thought, a lot of other people have accessed the same thought and therefore it happens. As in the case of the song that got stuck in your head, a lot of mass movements and mob mentalities get amplified because of that one thought that goes ‘viral’.

So the next time you ‘sense’ someone’s intentions or instinctively know what someone is thinking, don’t be surprised. However, not everyone is on board with this theory. But then no one believed the earth was round either!


Sophia John


External Agent for IRIANS

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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  1. Murray says:

    Loved the image of the tangle of worms!


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