If a guy doesn’t text, call or email (when it truly is his turn), he is just not that into you. You are not his top priority. You are probably not even on his top 10 list of priorities in his life. If he gets annoyed when you text, call or email (let’s assume you don’t overdo it), then he is sending you a message: He doesn’t feel like being around you or spending time with you.
This raises an interesting question: How could we have evolved to obsess over a person who is not interested in us? Why is this message so hard to understand for so many people? Why do we overanalyze the behavior of other people and find interest where there is none? How did we evolve in such a way as to have this ability to put ourselves into an embarrassing and hurtful position over and over again?

 Berit Brogaard, Ph.D., Oct 2016, PsychologyToday



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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