Fighting 21st Century Terrorism

The fight against terrorism, it’s been a tough journey since the moment this term was created. However, terrorism actually began when the same homo sapiens, which we all
know of, originated. Terrorism is not the creation of physical terror but the psychological impact that this terror has on you. It is an ideology transferred from individual to individual which arises when the most complicated times in one’s life come in the picture. There are many misconceptions to this term and other related ones such as ‘peace’, ‘war’, ‘religion’ etc. We commonly stick to the standard dictionary definition to put in place our own ideology but this is, my friends, much beyond that. So here we are, in the 21st century, with real threats of self – destruction, with the only aim to acquire power. So the question is how do we fight homo sapiens from the point of view of another homo sapiens? We will focus upon 3 specific points: Strategic and tactical observation, sources and facilitators of terrorism, and lessons learnt from the fight against terrorism in the past. Along with this, only 2 elements are required: brain and guts.
Firstly, lets begin with the strategic and tactical observations. We locate army, navy and air force on the borders of our country along with the extremely rude immigration officers to crosscheck if anyhow anyone is related to terrorism. Do you really think that a terrorist is going to come and tell you what he is planning to do?
Also, we rely on democracy as the tool to eradicate terrorism when democracy itself has been the tool used by terrorism to eradicate democracy. Then we also move to the morality, ethics and law in the global war on terrorism, the so-called law on war, forgetting that the morals and ethics of each country are different because not everyone lives under the same circumstances therefore that cannot be a standard solution applicable to everyone. The real matter should be in the understanding of right and wrong instead of legal and illegal, keeping in mind that those ‘legal terms’ were created by unusually useless individuals, who cannot even get out of their chair due to an overweight problem and who believe that sticking to the old books written centuries ago can be applied to the current situation. The most interesting aspect of all of this is that even those who dictate the legalities commit illegal actions themselves. Lastly, on this point, we have to give special mentioning to ‘distractors’. Example: Pentagon loses $31BN one day prior to the 9/11. One day later, two of the most representative structures in the U.S. got intentionally demolished like Lego towers. Mysteriously, everyone forgot about the money lost. On the other hand, we must observe sources and facilitators to terrorists. ISIS got amazing choppers, fast cars, new models of AK-47, the new iPhone7 before U.S. launches it, satellite connections, telegram groups. Now the question is, from where are they getting the money?Is it just kidnapping and robbing that get them millions of American Dollars daily? Its been proven that countries like the U.S. and other several corrupted governments have been funding terrorist organizations since the very beginning. Interests like oil, petroleum, political power or social order provoke government authorities to give that  money to groups. Of course you cannot forget about the banking industry involved in the exchanging thread of conflicts debt around the world, or even NGOs where you donate the money, which you don’t know where it goes. Faith, fate and trust are good but don’t be an idiot. Lastly, we never ever learn from the fight against terrorism in the past. Terror has been destroying society since more than 2000 years out of which you will only remember empires, kingdoms or political structures but there was something much fundamental than that which were the teachings to not repeat the same mistake again. When you teach an infant that if you touch fire, you will get burnt, he will remember that for a lifetime, I will not touch fire intentionally. When you do this with adults, who are supposed to be rational, they do not only touch the fire but also commit immolation with it. We love hate but we hate love and therefore religion, ethnicity, politics and economy are excuse to prove our superiority over the counterpart.
Everybody dies but not everybody lives. It’s your call to decide how you want to die and how you want to live and what kind of future you will leave for the further generations.

Be humble.

Author: Raul Villamarin Rodriguez


IMG_3680new 2

Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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