Can entrepreneurship defeat terrorism?

Terrorism is the frontline of our century. A wide diffusion across the entire planet thanks to media in the age of information and communication is the goal of every terrorist organization: their strength is not in numbers, new weapons, and battles to win, but fear.  The more is the fear that they can generate in citizens the more is their power to condition and influence the life of everyone directly or indirectly.

People who are capable to rule this kind of strategy are very intelligent, but WHO rules the terrorist attack is not the one who attack. For one “Doctor Evil” there are a lot of people who are decided to fight and die at his command. Who are these people? How Al Qaeda find people decided to explode in a place killing people with their own death?

The answer is the same: because they look between people that live in misery and ignorance. Their life is every day the same struggle to eat, their only wish is survive another day and help their family to survive too. This condition of life not only damages the health of the body and is not money or a job the solution for their life. They need Hope, they need Passion, they need something that boost their spirit and teach them that a change is possible.

Danilo F., 2012.


IMG_3680new 2

Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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