Is it possible to effect Counter-Terrorism without Violence?

We are often surrounded by extremism, radicalism, violence, terrorism. All these terms sound extremely intense when we turn on our TV or laptop to check social media, especially on Facebook, these words take a turn towards something considered as even ‘normal’ nowadays. It’s difficult not to see some update everyday coming from the major communication enterprises such as BBC, CNN and co. By doing this, we feel we are really stopping terrorism from reaching us, our house, our people but we often seem to forget that we are just encouraging these actions.

We put billions of dollars every year in national security, forgetting human rights.
We settle limits for refugees running away from terrorism because we are scared that they themselves might become terrorists.

We spend our time in promoting terrorism. 3/10 Europeans in the past year joined Islamic State. Nearly 60,000 in the year 2015, ONLY.

Current Islamic militancy has its origins not in the Middle Ages or in violence inherent in a major faith, but in real problems in the real world – so real solutions are possible.

We need to recognise that ‘ISIS’ or “Al-Qaeda” is an ideology, not an organisation. There is no point in talking about masterminds or hunting for a global headquarters. Because there are none! There are Just Ideas!!

We need to stop confusing justification with explanation. Learning what motivates enemies does not mean sympathising with them. Merely saying that the bombers are mad, when there is no evidence that militants are mentally ill or backward, and when contemporary radical Islam clearly has its roots in the conditions of the modern world, does not help.

Radical Islam provided them with an explanation of what was happening in the world and suggested actions that made sense to them. So we need a broad range of measures to ensure that such ideologies are less likely to convince in the future. If we cannot negotiate with existing militants, we can at least stop the next wave of recruits. And the only way is through profiling them way in advance.

Killing the terrorist won’t end terrorism; it will only help it even more.

Armies of the world can keep striking the valleys of Afghanistan and Pakistan in search of the terrorists. I am not saying that we should give up on the mission on terrorism, I am actually advocating that we should see the other face of the coin. We cannot deny the fact that this monster is created by us only. And therefore, we know how to identify it.

One of the keys to stop it is ‘Education through Human Profiling’. If proper education is given to the backward people, then no one can make fool them & they will be able to take their decision regarding their life advantage. A very interesting case happened in Jammu & Kashmir, in India, where a group of experts taught how to profile to children in a terror hit district. Surprisingly many terrorists surrendered after they saw that their children were getting an ample sense of respect and understanding for the outside world just by reading people and their circumstances. So what these children were exactly taught? The answer, at TEDxYouth@JPIS


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Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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