Applying Music to Emotional and Psychological Health

 Musicology is a term that understands and explains the impact that music has on one’s behaviour and experience, also dealing with the way one creates, perceives, incorporates and responds to various genres of music that one listens to in their daily lives that highly contributes in affecting one’s psychological state, be it positively or negatively. It is scientifically proven that the psychological response also affecting the physical state of a human comes from a change in the Chemical Dopamine Levels due to correlation.

 The reggae genre of music is proven highly efficient in contributing towards anger management, also, the steady tempo and predictable rhythm of Mainstream music helps one perform efficiently in physical workouts in order to stay fit while keeping the individuals heart rate regular and breathing consistent. Associated with brain power levels, Classical Music helps uplift a calm minded person as well along with incidentally allowing one sleep better.

  Nervousness or Anxiousness could bring one to listen to Blues, a genre that is counter intuitive and causes slowing down of the heart rate in such situations, thus resulting in a feeling of calmness. Rock and Punk music, if enjoyed, can prove to be an adrenaline and energetic booster. The Broadway Genre motivates one, fostering creativity and inspiration. Latino Music helps eliminate symptoms of fatigue. Meditative Music reduces stress levels causing overall relaxation. On the other hand, the effect of the Heavy Metal Genre is debatable as the effects differ from person to person while having certain negative effects on a few, as well as proving to be a self-esteem booster to many.

 Research shows that around 80% of people use music as an escape from negative aspects in their daily lives. Singing is effective in reducing levels of depression and anxiety. The type of music one listens to affects an individuals perception while ones choices of songs are highly favoured by the individual associating an emotional event to it.

Jessica Rapose

Jessica Rapose


IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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