Are You Religious or Illusionary?

The Olivers have always been a very commendable family. Wealthy, high social status and highly respected among the Christian community. They are known for the extreme devotion and dedication they give to faith. Benjamin was the only son in the family. Alongside, he had a sister, Sophie, much younger than him. In her case, religiosity means everything but nothing as her cognitive aptitudes are not really developed to analyse such ideas in deep.

Right now, as a reader you must be wondering what is the relation between the Olivers, Religion and Winter? Well, Benjamin is turning 16 in the month of January, just after the Christmas period which occurs in winter and due to which religiosity increases its social appearance. As a consequence of this, Benjamin’s anniversary gets overlapped by Christ’s resurrection. The complete stage of getting older is always painful and even more when you feel replaced by some “imaginary friend of your family represented through an abstract idea and portrayed through a sculptural body shape of an individual represented by a book, so-called “Holy” that is actually a lovely-made novel written in different stages in history, by various authors and translated several times.” But definitely, it is accurate.


But Benjamin is not an atheist, he believes or at least he thinks he does. Religion is a very broad term to be limited to simply “I Do” or “I Do Not” “Believe”.

TTYN- The Twist You Need, 2016.


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IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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