Ever since our childhood, we were expected to behave and follow the social norms of the society. Social norms are those “rules” or “code of conduct” that a society deems normal.
Even today when a child is born, he/ she is expected to live by the same norms. But the question remains..are we not expecting expecting little too much from them?
We should encourage the next generation to have their own identity and to speak out their opinions even if it violates the society’s expectations. The pressure of trying to “fit in” is too high on these young minds. It is our duty to atleast try and ease it.
We should be the ones to support their decisions however unconventional it may seem. As far as their decisions don’t harm anyone.. what’s the problem? It’s still better than to live a life that is half and half. When one looks into the mirror, he/she must either see a complete vision of oneself as HE/SHE wants it to be or like the society wants it but never both. It will take them nowhere.

Riya Jadhav



IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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