Social Media and Relationships

Social media today is an indispensable part of our lives. We are 24X7 connected with each other over some social platform. Social media definitely has been of great help to people of various ages as it helps to connect with our loved ones. This is a way to feel closer to people than we actually are.

Unfortunately, what is happening these days is that, being online has become so important that people seem to have lost touch with each other in real lives. They also consider being connected socially as being a part of each other’s lives. A lot of our work is also done online and thus, we are bound by any screen, big or small, around us. We are getting heavily involved in our virtual social lives and are unable to log off these platforms and I am no exception.

But to what extent have we pushed ourselves and why? Which doing my research on this very topic, I happened to mention this to one of my friends and she was of the view that all relationships are important and they need to maintained personally by every individual but she was also of the view that this maintenance of relationships was on how one sorts out their priorities.

I, personally am of a view that social media, to an extent is ruining relationships and it doesn’t matter which kind because I have seen the difference in the past decade. There was a time when we met as group, we together and we interacting with each other. This in no way included updating our Facebook status or Snapchat stories.

Today’s personal interaction is very limited because we are in constant touch with each other over at least three to four social media platforms. We are overly aware of what the other person has been up to. There is nothing to talk about because everything is already being said and done, in public.

We are so attached to our virtual selves that we are forgetting what real relationships are like.

I also think that we are losing touch with the moment. We are so involved in making moments on cameras that we have actually stopped living it. Taking selfies and posting them online is more important than being with that person.

Secondly, these posts are time consuming but addictive. We can’t restrict or control ourselves to not do it because it’s become a social norm.

Lastly, studies have proven that a mere presence of a cell phone during a conversation can cause interference in the communication of two people.

So really, instead of connecting us, social media is creating barriers between people and like I said before, i am very much a part of this and cannot be away from social media but maybe, once in a while, we could get off the grid and spend real quality time with our loved ones or even with ourselves.

Jui Kadvekar

Jui Kadvekar

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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