Emotional intelligence.Can I achieve it ?

Emotions are those owndoms that are real challenging to get possession of .

Absolutely, the process of having control over these emotions is not less than a battle full of intense struggle and yes, its possible to be victorious at it.

Ask , how?

So before getting an answer, make a note about these facts about “ Brain”

Brain is an organ with the distinguishing feature called “ Brain plasticity “which means that its structures are subject to change its organisation and function on been subjected to constant type of stimulus, which is experience.

So, how this unique brain feature “ Plasticity” can be used as a catalyst to the process of developing a good emotional quotient?

Brain is partitioned rightly into two compartments: Rational brain and an Emotional brain.

It’s the communication between these two centres which determines Emotional intelligence. This communication should notably be balanced.

Is maintaining this communication between two brains in hands ?  Answer to this question would give you an idea about how you can develop Emotional Intelligence.

The pathway responsible for EQ starts from nervous system at the level of spinal cord and travels to frontal portion of brain prior you can think logically. However they pass via limbic system first and thus the person responds emotionally first and then rationally.

To accentuate the communications which would then increase Emotional intelligence, Strategies can be used, like getting into habit of self regulation, keeping check on ones pattern of emotional responses to various situations, practising empathy.

These would accelerate the process of branching of millions of small neurons which form the pathways between logical and emotional brain and reaching out to surrounding cells and thus would help in incorporation of new emotionally intelligent habits in daily life.

Shubham Khandelwal


 IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 



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