Where haven’t people gone for Pokémon Go?

When we were kids we dreamed and watched a world. We fought with Pikachu and laughed when Charizard wouldn’t listen to Ash, we cried when Butterfree flew away, and sang along with Team Rocket. That was on the television set and like any other good cartoon anime and we all have watched it. It was one of the best shows I had ever seen and have immensely enjoyed it. Even so, was it a really good idea to bring it to reality though?

Pokémon Go was a much awaited augmented reality app that was released worldwide between 6th and 16th July, 2016. It has practically taken over people’s lives and it has also surpassed the popularity record of Candy Crush Saga. In this very short span of 10 days, people has posted various articles, pictures, SnapStories, Memes and future predictions of what Pokémon Go is, was and will be.

Also, in this same short span of time, due to too many downloads, the servers of the application have already gone down and people seem to be getting very upset over it. Millions of people downloaded the app at once and since then people, and surprisingly, not just youngsters, have been running around looking for different Pokémons. They are out on the streets, gardens, stairwells, taking road trips and knocking on others’ doors looking for Pikachus, Charizards and Bulbasurs.

Some people have been weighing the pros and cons of this game: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/urban-survival/201607/the-psychological-pros-and-cons-pok-mon-go

Although, the above article states that this ‘game’ might have some pros, I am of the opinion that it has only increased the use of mobile phones and it cannot a good thing, especially if you are staring at your phones and running across the streets looking for imaginary creatures. This is also no way of getting exercise, like some of my friends have tried to argue. If you must run, at least look where you’re running.

Pokémon Go can be regarded at virtual reality at its best. It terms of accessibility, entertainment and nostalgia maybe that’s why it’s so popular and I must admit that we are living are childhood dream, but at what cost? Lastly, although this was a much awaited app and has done wonders for their creditors and shareholders have we, as a society, really come down to this? Is it really worth it?

  Jui Kadvekar

Jui Kadvekar

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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