As part of human development pediatricians, neurologists and psychologists, needs to know whether an individual has crawled or skipped this stage because is a process that constitutes a breakthrough in the first months of life, both neurological and coordination level.

“Crawling prepares the child for further learning, especially for the process of reading and writing, it also let him have more autonomy, because it can move freely and security wherever he wishes.

Furthermore, it creates connections between the hemispheres of the brain that is how the baby can coordinate their movements, so that the right arm is synchronized with the left foot and the left arm with the right foot that is the cross pattern, this is possible thanks that information is passed quickly from one hemisphere to the other. The right hemisphere controls the movement of the left limbs of our body and the left hemisphere controls movement on the opposite side. When both hemispheres work in a coordinated manner is possible movements simultaneously with both sides of the body such as objects passed from one hand to another or take notes when we are listening to a class.

These connections not only will acquire motor skills and movement but also allow the development of different cognitive functions. On the other hand when the crawling baby goes through different surfaces and textures, this will develop tactile sensitivity of the fingers and palm of the hand, which will favor the grip small objects, properly hold a pencil and successfully start the process of writing.

Besides it is necessary to know that crawling favors the processes of convergence and visual accommodation, this allows properly focus an object and know how far it is and where it is located, (notions near-far).

In fact is possible learn to solve problems such as overcoming obstacles, deliver or pass over them, make lace games, puzzles and any problems that require spatial orientation”.

Heather Haring OTR/L, 2015.

The brain needs to become mature to crawl, however once through this stage the neurological development is obvious, but for the future it is transcendental.

Ruth Talavera Flores


Research Associate & IRIANS’s Representative for

the Iberian Peninsula and Mexico

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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