In today’s world of intensive technology, it seems that it is almost impossible to be alone or all by yourself, unless you are completely offline. Even so, recent research says that although we are in continuous touch with our friends or family or people in our lives, we do feel lonely. Our bodies and mind crave physical contact of other humans.

“Scientific studies suggest some possible linkage between feelings of chronic loneliness and heart disease, dementia, sleep problems, and even premature mortality.” (

Wanting to be alone and being lonely are also two different concepts. Being alone is a choice and also a personality type, where people prefer solitude; whereas feeling lonely is when one feels that they have no one to turn to.

We also feel lonely when we are unable to accept ‘a sense of self’; i.e. when we cannot be free with ourselves or enjoy our own company which results in dissociated feelings, thoughts or values, resulting in low self-esteem, bad boundaries, pathological anxiety, and an inability to tolerate aloneness.

Loneliness makes a person isolate themselves from the society and even more so push away people. this can lead to “pathological anxiety, fear of intimacy, shame or self-loathing, which when severe, can take the forms of social phobiapanic disorderdepression, psychosis, schizoid personality disorder, and, in increasing numbers, anger disorders and extreme acts of violence.”

Thus, people must realize the depth of the problem and must seek help. Individual counseling or group therapy are some of the ways to overcome loneliness as these therapy sessions help people form connections and relationships with their therapist or members of their group which could end positively.

For a detailed explanation:

 Jui Kadvekar

Jui Kadvekar

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 

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