From the beginning we know the big roll that neurotransmitters do, perhaps when I was searching some more about neuroscience, I found an interesting revelations.

One of them is about beer, it seems to be a natural dopamine liberator as David A. Kareken says, who is a Neurology Professor and Director at Indiana University School of Medicine. Our brain needs that kind of substances in order to feels motivated, with pleasure and happy. KAREKEN, D.A. (2013). Taste of beer without effect of alcohol, triggers dopamine release in the brain. IUSM Newsroom. [Online]. Indiana University.

Available from:

[Accessed: 28th June 2016]


The second one is about the negative emotions which activate the similar areas of the brain than positives which involves the limbic system, but what happen if we are worried about something? Contrary to what could be believed, it relieves that.


Another one is the importance of take decisions and establish aims because both of them, activates the same cerebral circuit inside the prefrontal cortex, and does it positively, reducing the anxiety and the stress. In addition fifteen daily minutes of Mindfulness helps to do it better as Harvard Professor of Positive Psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar affirm.

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And the last but not least is to hug shamelessly, especially in a lengthy and sustained form. This is a way to produce oxytocin, one of the hormones that reduce pain, but also endorphins and dopamine that make us feels loved and save. In fact healthier because the immunity system is more protected thanks to it.

PEYRO, P.(2015). Cuatro gestos para ser feliz según los últimos hallazgos en neurociencia. El País. [Online]

Available from:

[Accessed: 28th June 2016]


Well, neuroscience contributes every day to give us the keys to be in good shape and have mental health. As human beings, we always are looking for happiness, but more important than find that is to keep it.

Ruth Talavera Flores


Research Associate & IRIANS’s Representative for

the Iberian Peninsula and Mexico

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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