Each one of us has forgotten something or the other during our routines; maybe it’s to eat breakfast or to call someone back. Why does it happen? How does it happen? Psychologists have come to conclusion that it depends on how you store a certain action that needs to be done. It is divided in to 2:

  1. Short term memory, and;
  2. Long term memory.

The reason why we forget certain things soon is:

  1. If we don’t rehearse them enough
  2. When our old memories are replaced
  • When we try remembering similar things.

Whereas, in long term, we either choose to block certain things out of our minds or just tend to replace them with new ones.
This necessarily doesn’t mean we have forgotten. Some memories, like similar faces or a taste or smell reminds us something because we have seen the person because or eaten or smelled the things before. Thus, that particular person or the item is a trigger to access the ‘forgotten’ memory. So, do we really forget or it is it just lost in our minds?


 Jui Kadvekar

Jui Kadvekar

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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