Hobbies pave a path to creativity

To be or become “creative” is a familiar imperative in our society, but many people are often at a loss as to how to proceed. Hobbies are food for the soul. They nurture the spirit, restore physical energy, and renew our mind.

Hobbies can be so stimulating, that they inspire those magical “aha!” moments. They come in all shapes and sizes: people collect stamps, love to read, experiment with food, turn wood, knit intricately designed sweaters or socks or scarves, devote each sunrise to the treadmill, each evening to yoga, make music, and so much more.

Hobbyists are amateurs – that is to say, the most intrinsically motivated of lovers. They court their pastime, not for conquest or for gain, but for pure pleasure. Hobbies are, quintessentially, forms of play, much like the rough and tumble, make-believe and constructive games that fill early and middle childhood. As play, hobbies involve us in:

  1. Making things of our own on our own
  2. Gaining personal knowledge
  3. Learning new skills.

In the doing, hobbies also cultivate personal creativity, that capacity we all share for heartfelt experience, unique thought and meaningful expression of what matters to us the most.

Hobbies and interests outside of work help stabilise the emotional and physical exhaustion that comes with stress. By engaging in leisure activities that give us pleasure we’re able to recover from the demands of our busy and hectic lives.

Hobbies can be “therapeutic” and help us re-ignite our inner spark. They have a way of calming our mind and allowing us to escape from the outside world to connect with ourselves, making us feel refreshed and more energized.

When we have a passionate interest in life that helps us unwind we become happier and consequently more successful in everything that we do.

If you cultivate your hobby with all the love and devotion of a true amateur, recreation becomes a form of creation that recreates you, it is this re-creation that can set you on the path towards novel invention and discovery.

Channel your passion into a hobby and a new world of possibilities will open up for you to discover.

                                                                           (Michele; Root-Bernstein)

Link: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/imagine/200812/hobbies-the-personal-path-creativity

Priyanka Banik

Priyanka Banik

Business Development Executive

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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