Why Do We Care What Others Think?

“Approval from others gives us a higher sense of self-esteem. We’re convinced that their recognition matters to our self-worth and how deeply we value ourselves.”

According to an article by Tom Ferry, CEO of YourCoach, the need for approval has been conditioned within us since birth.

Every individual in some form or another is in a dire need of validation among their social circle, they always require a sort of constant reassurance from their peers prompting them that they are not invisible. In a conscious effort to continue to remain visible to friends (old and new) some individuals resort to creating a Facebook page, purely for the purpose of keeping tabs on their friends and family, it predominantly serves as a platform — a platform in which we play a ‘role’ that entertains an audience willing to listen. We know exactly what are intentions are every time we upload a certain picture, or post an expressive status, and write specific sentiments on other’s walls; this happens because not only do we crave for attention from others, but also because we want them to see us in a particular light.

While seeking approval from others may be inevitable, problems may arise depending on how far one goes down that road. When caring how other people perceive us interferes with our own intuition, that’s when you may need to simply follow your heart and do what you feel is right.

Furthermore, caring how others perceive us is not necessarily entirely negative. There are lots of grey areas and it is up to you to decide if you care too much what others think.

(Suval, 2012)

Link: http://psychcentral.com

Priyanka Banik

Priyanka Banik

Business Development Executive

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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