To Hell With Happiness, Said The Introvert.

All across the globe, striving for happiness seems to be the most important goal. This has a different impact on introverts because happiness isn’t their top priority (Helgoe 2010).

Introverts do not have that need for external rewards thus any pursuits for happiness might just end up as another personality-culture conflict for them.  A paper presented by Tamir and Mauss, shows that pressure to be happy reduces happiness (Helgoe 2010). This is true for everyone. Having a biological makeup which tends to make them consider positive emotional arousals as distractions, introverts are thus efficient in resisting distractions. While scientists are aware that introverts hold no advantage in terms of intelligence, they appear to process more information than the rest in any circumstances. To digest the information however, they do best in quiet environments.  Hence they aren’t motivated to find positive emotional stimuli (Helgoe 2010).

For more information about introverts, how it’s misunderstood with shyness and advice on how to avoid pissing off your introverted friends, check out the link below!

Cyona Lewis

Cyona (Intern)


IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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