Ever Experienced Anxiety Before A Test?

Lots of students around the globe frantically preparing for their final exams, experience a sense of dread and apprehension.  But Test Anxiety takes things to a whole new level (Lohmann 2016).

Test Anxiety is a reaction to something stressful, causing the body to release adrenaline which leads to a fight or flight response. Fight or flight, apart from triggering muscle systems, slows down our ability to think and analyze. This would be useful if we’re fighting a wolf but not so much during exams (D’Arcy Lyness 2013). Perfectionists, Latinos and females usually experience a higher level of anxiety than others (Strauss 2013).

So learning to recognize and deal with the symptoms can help students feel more in control during their exams (Lohmann 2016).  The great news is that you can defeat this anxiety by changing your mindset. For more help check out this article below!


Cyona Lewis

Cyona (Intern)


IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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