From a Perfect Day to a Perfect Life.

Growing up, I remember making a time table right before my exams, having finally realised the importance of time management right at the end of the year. I also remember my inability to adhere to the schedule and my exams would pass in a flurry of notes and sleepless nights.

I’m sure, or rather I hope, I’m not the only one who has gone through this. What we fail to understand is that if we perfect and follow a fixed schedule every day of our life, we can lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Although some of us have the propensity to run away and hide from organisation; leading an organised life, with actions in a specific time period, can not only improve the quality of our life but it can also open up new opportunities for success.

This article will help you map out your scientifically perfect day!

Harshana Nikam


Business Development Executive

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute

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