I have been fascinated by the subject of dreams since I was a little kid. I tend to have vivid, colorful ones which make for good conversation starters even so many years later. I’ve had lucid dreams, prophetic dreams, sleep paralysis, dreams within dreams, metaphorical dreams. Pretty much anything you can think of in the dream realm. But the following experience is one of the most helpful experiences I have had.

A long time ago I had an email friend who was an energy healer (people who treat the ‘energy body’ as opposed to the physical body). We talked about many things spiritual. I don’t know why I was so drawn to spirituality so young but I was.. She told me of omens and totems (animals or birds that symbolize something) and she told me to look for them in my real life. She also confided in me that mostly her totems were insects she was scared of. Her simple solution was to ‘ask’ the angels to encounter her totems in her dreams. This involves just saying it out loud or even in your head) And it worked out surprisingly well for her.

Several years later I was diagnosed with diabetes and soon had chronic pain and fatigue problems. It was obviously not allowing me to have a normal life. And I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere because I was in pain. It was then that I remembered this lady. I asked my mind that I experience some of the pain in my dreams. It worked almost immediately. My pain intensity reduced and I began dreaming of not being able to stand, walk or open my eyes. Now that could easily be deemed a coincidence. But I do not think so.

Sophia John


External Agent for IRIANS

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute

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