Sleeping early is an issue too?

Everyone is familiar with the concept of students falling asleep during lectures, because either it’s too boring, or they were up late the earlier night. It’s usually the latter. This is often because of delayed sleep phase syndrome (Cline 2016). But what if someone has the opposite problem? What happens if they sleep too soon?

These are folks who can’t stay up after a typical bedtime and they suffer advanced sleep phase disorder, which is common among 1% of middle-aged individuals.  Both are a part of circadian rhythm disorders. People with advanced sleep phase disorder find it very difficult to perform activities in the evening. They are quite likely to fall asleep early and then wake up as early as 3 am! Thus, it even affects their day-time activities (Cline 2016).

They could be even misdiagnosed as having depression! The idea here is that it causes a reduction in the person’s ability to watch TV, talk with your family or just finish the ending of that book you’ve been dying to read. For further details check out this article below!

Cyona Lewis

Cyona (Intern)


IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute


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