Why Should Police Rely On Psychology To Solve The Cases?

Contrasting statements by two Palghar residents, who are accused in a murder case, led the police to rope in a psychologist to catch the liar.

When a government school teacher and her lover were arrested for allegedly killing the former’s husband in Palghar last year, local police were initially puzzled by the different accounts given by the accused during their interrogation. Samidha Pimple, who was being questioned separately from her lover Santosh Sankhe, first claimed that the two of them smothered her husband using a pillow. Later, she claimed that she tied a plastic bag around his face while Sankhe held the fast-asleep victim’s feet. Sankhe, however, kept telling the police that it was he who tied the plastic bag while Pimple held her husband’s feet. He said that he had got the idea of using a plastic bag from a Bollywood film.

It was then that the police roped in psychologist Raul Rodriguez, a private investigator, to observe the accused and tell which one of them was lying. Rodriguez, who runs a private detection and security firm, said that he studied the micro-expressions of the accused. “By studying one’s facial expressions, contraction and dilation of pupils, and other micro movements, it’s easy to tell what one is thinking. We helped the police reconstruct the entire crime scene by telling them when Samidha was lying or telling the truth. It’s a scientific method. It was, after all, she who had used the bag and earlier tied up her husband,” Rodriguez told Mirror.

Gagandeep Dhillon, Mumbai Mirror | Apr 13, 2016,


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