“First impression is the last impression” we have grown up believing in this proverb all our life. But is it really true? Does the first impression really matter that much? And on what basis do we pass our judgement?
I have known people in my life of whose first impression on me was completely unacceptable.. Just after the first fifteen minutes I had decided to never meet him again..but today he remains one of my closest friends.
I recently came across an article which left me questioning this fifteen minutes procedure of the “first impression” the article talks about Randall Colvin, a social psychologist from Northeastern University. He claims that when we meet someone, usually without our awareness we get a glimpse of them; about their trustworthiness, intelligence, competence, beauty and the ability to get close, all this in a minute or less. But isn’t this too quick for a person without a social psychological background? But still we decide to go ahead with the impression because of our inner radar.
It is a very debatable topic which has no exact conclusion.. So maybe, remaining neutral on it will be wise. I ask you this question, how much do you depend on first impressions?

Randall Colvin.

Riya Jadhav


IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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