Cyberbullying, Overrated Much?

Cyberbullying raises the question of why are people so mean online.  Psychologists explain that it is due to a lack of empathy, a proof of our membership and the belief of providing justice (Bilton 2015).

Olweus (2012) considers Cyberbullying as an overrated phenomenon. In a sample survey conducted in the US, 4% of the kids experienced Cyberbullying as against 17% who have been verbally bullied. While parents are busy rallying against Cyberbullying, Olweus’ research shows that bullying still exists right where we left it, in cafeterias, in classrooms, etc. According to Kennedy-Moore (2016), Cyberbullying is vast hence it is very devastating. In-person bullying happens in a specific time or area. But online abuse happens anytime, anywhere which makes it seemingly inescapable.

Being attacked randomly and anonymously is scary. Yet, is Cyberbullying simply an exaggeration?  This can be judged by further going through the link below and making your own decision.

Cyona Lewis

Cyona (Intern)


IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute

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