Do you know why do we cry during a movie ?

If you ever cried, laughed or grieved inside a movie theater, you know: Some of our most intense emotional experiences come when we’re watching a film.

“Given that all you’re perceiving are the vibrations of some speakers and a succession of still digital images on a screen – why do we take that as real?” asked Jeffrey Zacks, a professor of psychology.

He gave some of the answers in his new book, “Flicker: Your Brain on Movies,” which examines how if our brains evolved to deal with the live, three-dimensional real world when we have such powerful reactions to films.

In Flicker, Jeff Zacks delves into the history of cinema and the latest research to explain what happens in your head when you sit down in the theatre and the lights go off.Flicker gives us an engaging, fast-paced look at the mind’s fascinating relationship with the silver screen.

Read more about the brain’s reactions to the silver screen in his book Flicker:Your brain on movies.



General Secretary

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute

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