The cruel truth

The capitalist system gotta change its way of performance in India. For a country like India with a GDP of +1,877 Trillion (USD) registered in 2013 -and increasing nowadays- the expectations are set too high and even more since “Make in India” came up in the picture. However, this situation is unreal. When you come from abroad in order to make business with Indians and for Indians, I have cross-checked with many of my foreign colleagues in the country that the level of self-commitment received by Indian businessmen from SME’s and MNC’s as well as Entrepreneurs is below the standard line.

This can be seen in situations when time delays go from 30 min to a couple of hours for a pre-scheduled meeting where the other party has to wait and fake an unreal positive attitude when the situation is clearly disrespectful and, in addition, you should be prepare to expect excuses of any kind when the delayed party reaches the meeting venue. Also, legal matters such as contracts represent a challenge for foreign parties where the contract you have signed might change its terms anytime and, on top of that, those are not valid till the court says so. However, court is not reliable in such corporate situations as bribery is commonly present.

In addition, we find the so called -by the foreign community in India- “Steam cloud” that answers to the situation where an Indian entity assures the acquaintance or buying of certain products or services when they are 120% sure that the purchase is not going to be materialise. In simple words, it is an ‘entertaining’ situation of your own time for the simple reason of being an “outsider”.

Finally, the famous and highly recognised ‘Make In India’ is not the Indian and political process that seems like. The campaign was designed for MNC’s coming to India to invest and leaving later on. It is consider in the foreign community as a selfish action taken by Modi’s government in order to promote India as the ‘Perfect Investment Land’ mainly in the Western world but the truth is that when it comes to hire foreign services the rejection is highly noticed. We should keep in mind that ‘Make In India’ was never and it will never be focused in the general 35% of the population BPL (Below Poverty Line), neither in startups or entrepreneurs who wish to determine their future in the country. And again, we come to point, the so called “Steam Cloud” where, in India, if something seems going forward is because someone else behind the curtain is filling his/her pockets with the incentives of the masses.

To finalise, just have a thought and meditate tonight about the “required” sudden increase on the % for service tax and the numerous strikes due to the national budget. Or have a thought about the real current status of MNC’s in India which are followed and admired by the masses. Are those MNC’s what they look like from the front side? Aren’t they full of debts from bottom to top?

Yes, Corruption is dangerous and scary but a “Steam cloud” is even more.



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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