Can you read my mind? -India

When you first put your feet on Indian territory, a strange sensation covers your entire body from bottom to top, flowing a ridiculous sensation of happiness which reaches your brain and creates a facial expression post the chemical reaction. That expression is happiness…

The above lines would be fascinating if they’d be true. Unfortunately what we are seeing nowadays about India is purely and only the India market. Its fast growth creates happiness in every Indian investors wishing to create and/or fund a startup. But is this happiness real or virtual?

Let’s explore briefly what the psychological Indian scenario is at the moment.

We find ourselves- foreigners or not- in a country where prices vary according to the balance of the due politicians and to the mood of the shopkeeper. A country where politeness and good manners shine of absence in most of the occasions. A country where… we live. Therefore, let’s go back to the square

one: H-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s…?? Do we know it? Have we met anytime? Can a country be ‘politically happy? or economically ‘satisfied’? Luckily, India is on the way to achieve that. However, we need to clear our minds about what we support.

“Make In India” is a very broad and innovative concept which just looks for exposure and geopolitical support. Although, this won’t happen anytime soon until we solve the basic and unique issue which is the psychological status of the ground population who deal with those everyday’s problems and who cannot become tougher.

Read about this project. I kindly invite you to share your inputs on the same commenting below or on my personal wall on Facebook.

“Make in India”-2015



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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