Don’t you love Freud anymore?

Psychoanalysis is a very extreme and dangerous technique as much as a fascinating one. Getting into this field wasn’t easy for me at the beginning. It was complicated to comprehend the main purpose of this variation into the psychology field but at the same time, it was definitely the most powerful way to get into the human mind in its deepest stage. Getting to understand the human mind, how it functions and how to anticipate future acts by controlling them yourself, it was the only point which convinced me to become a psychotherapist. Unfortunately, some professionals of the field see psychoanalysis as a Freudian fraud. In fact, the see Freud as a fraud.

Get to know Freud and understand and decide if you rather get or break up with Freud.

Joachim I Krueger, Ph.D., 2016, PsychologyToday



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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