Beyond Motivational mumbo-jumbo!

Recent advances in our understanding of the human mind, its cognitive functions & biases has paved the way for an awareness about ways in which people are often an obstacle to their own success. The book by famed psychologist & the ‘Father of Behavioral Economics’ Daniel Kahneman titled ‘Thinking Fast & Slow’ beautifully educates us about the effects of cognitive & emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions. It is absolutely necessary that executives in leadership positions such as CEO’s, Entrepreneurs & Founders are trained in making effective & unbiased decision making as this could very easily lead to adverse economic outcomes. Neuro-Coaching can be an effective remedy to the problem.

At IRIANS we have training programs that cater to high performance, business focused individuals within a company & have devised them based on years of research into the domain of Neuro-Science.Our programs facilitate a positive change by improving thinking & re-framing perspective. It’ll help you understand the neuroscience behind insight-driven coaching conversations, goal-setting, and habit building that unlock new possibilities for business meetings that translate into measurable results for your business. The following article gives some key pointers of the application of Neuro-Coaching to the corporate environment.

Si Conroy,

 Amrish Jaiswal


Business Development Manager

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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