-Hi, are you a Narcissist? -No (YES)

Being a narcissist is often misunderstood with craziness or dementia and in some extreme cases with suicide or anger towards society. Well, today I would like to briefly put this thought in your mind, “Am I a Narcissist?”. I will make it even easier, “Do YOU love YOURSELF?”. If the answer to the last question is “yes”, then you are a narcissist. Very simple.

What we need to understand is that narcissism is to be graded in levels. Not all narcissists are equally narcissist in level terms. What the issue is with society is the not understanding of psychological levels. You can’t classify in an equal way the same disorder in different people. For the matter that people are different!! Therefore, I invite you to read the following article and understand if YOU are one of them, but also to criticize the way the author of this article portrays narcissism.

And… in case of any doubts… do not hesitate to write me a mail.

From a Narcissist, with love (for myself)

Sander Van Den Linden, PhD, 2016, PsychologyToday



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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