Negotiation: Are you doing it right?

Negotiation is a process we all encounter in our daily interactions with our family,friends & colleagues. While you may be comfortable dealing with some of the people in your lives, for most part you are dumb-founded when people have their way with you, even when you had a strong & sound argument thought out in advance. Why does this happen? One of the probable reasons why it does is because you were unable to read the subtle signs in the other person’s non-verbal cues which could’ve given you insight into what they were really thinking & feeling.

As statistics illustrate, over 90% of our inter personal communication is non-verbal. Hence, its with good reason that the self help industry is brimming with books that help us understand what people are saying beyond their words. Its absolutely essential for us to be effective communicators that we tap into this vast body of knowledge that lets us analyse & discern peoples’ intentions & motivations. It can be critical to an organization’s success that their sales team is armed with techniques that helps them screen & identify potential prospects without having to waste their time on window shoppers. We at IRIANS are committed to empower & facilitate learning of the nuanced art of non-verbal communication across organizations, industries & cultures. Its time you got it right!

Tomás Dueñas Uribe, Dec,

Amrish Jaiswal


Business Development Manager

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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