Neuroscience & Its Evolving Role In Market Research

Neuroscience has a key role to play in the Market research domain. There are a variety of techniques which have been shown to be be effective in multiple industries. However there has also been a skeptical approach to using it on a wide scale basis as traditional market research methods & their efficiency is tried, tested & proven. It is important for us to keep in mind that while integrating the techniques of Neuroscience into the current market scenario we take recourse to a mature understanding & be wise in knowing which tools to use depending on the client’s priorities.

There is both art and science to knowing which tools are best for given research objectives and client priorities including scalability, cost, timing and consumer comfort. While there may be room for debate, some considerations have to be made of what’ll help the achievement of the desired outcome. Some of the most commonly used tools are Bio-metrics, Facial Coding, EEG, Eye Tracking, Implicit, fMRI. IRIANS takes a deeply analytical approach in understanding the marketing context & the client objectives before suggesting the most effective & viable method of market research. What techniques you reckon are key to understanding consumer behavior specific to your industry?

Fromen, Allan, 2014, Green Book

Amrish Jaiswal


Business Development Manager

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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