Creativity in Human Resources

Human resources play a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of an organization. HR is essential in integrating the employee’s skill set into the existing culture & work ethic prevalent within the organization. They act as a gateway in filtering all the talent available in the marketplace & screen people best suited for the job based on a widely diverse criteria. Thus it becomes imperative that the Human Resource department is trained to analyze & scrutinize candidates beyond their resumes’. Its necessary that they are able to truly gauge whether the applicant is joining their organization with the right motives & is truthful about his history & achievements in the given professional domain.

We at IRIANS understand the financial impact of a mis-hired employee & the troubles that come with it. It then leads to months of unproductive work along with wastefulness of company resources. It may even foster an environment of mistrust & negativity. Hence we believe its a skill-gap that should not be left unchecked. What are the steps that you take to avoid falling into this trap?

Boyd, Drew, 2013, Psychology Today

Amrish Jaiswal


Business Development Manager

IRIANS – The Neuroscience Institute 


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