Best Architects on the Planet

We all know about Louis I Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and several other architects who have given us the best architectural gifts in the history of mankind. Many great personalities have contributed greatly in the field of architecture.

But this article, is not about any of them.

No it is not even about an architect, specifically speaking.

But it is, about the best architects ever to exist on the face of the earth. They do not rely on modern technology or aesthetic valuation, neither do they require any structural calculations nor do they depend on sophisticated materials. They are far more brilliant in their works and they can execute complex structures with such ease and simplicity that makes even the tallest building on earth seem plain jane.

They are none other than the animals around us. These creatures use raw materials around them to construct splendid dwellings using no tools at all. They simply use their limbs, beaks, claws to bring elaborate designs to life. Our generic cuboidal and boxy buildings are just boring when compared to their houses. Add on the functionality of the structures and you will find that the design works flawlessly with its tenants. For example, a beaver builds dams to provide ponds as protection against predators such as coyotes, wolves, and bears, and to provide easy access to food during winter. It is nothing short of a natural wonder.

Clearly, there is a lot to learn from our fellow living beings. In the following articles, let us explore the various structures built by animals and what we could learn from them.



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