Co-authored by Dr. Anjali Bungaleea and Raul Villamarin Rodriguez 


“Your time is worth it. Use it carefully and don’t let anyone waste it. Do today what you would do the last day of your life. That’s the road to happiness.”

-Raul Villamarin Rodriguez

Time is something which we usually mismanage and completely waste, isn’t it? Well, the answer is unclear. Time is actually an abstract entity which cannot be managed. I hear this term ‘management’ in relation to the time we all have and the truth is that time is actually something which escapes out of our control…or no. Look at the watch in your purse or any clock around, what time is it? What about now? You already ‘wasted’ 2.52 seconds reading and analysing this sentence. Was it wasted? Time CANNOT be wasted. It can be mismanaged but not wasted. And if we move on the analysis of specific concepts, time cannot even be mismanage as time is an abstract concept. What is being mismanaged is our perception.

You must be quite confused right now, not knowing what I am exactly talking about. Let me explain what’s the meaning of the above paragraph with the next example:

John and Michael. Two friends. Very good friends. They used to be together the whole day 24/7 during school time…till university time came.

At that point Michael started doing Medicine and John Industrial Engineering. Both of them got busy and caught up with their studies not having the chance to spend time together. However, they still used to go to the same gym so they could, at least, work out together for 2 hours per week. Not much time but enough for them at that point of time. Can you imagine…(Read more in January. Stay Tuned)



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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