Flying back to the origins of human history:

Source: “CHOOSE to be HAPPY”-Dr. Anjali Bungaleea and Raul Villamarin Rodriguez

We are homo sapiens and as so, we have always been similar in traits.

Based on the Maslow needs of hierarchy, at Stone Age our happiness would suffice when we had food and shelter. What was that simple but vital fact that defined happiness for us at that time and which we have kept within us for million of years? It is, socializing: Helping each other, exchanging things all throughout history with the gradual evolution of our human race being forwarded.

Analysing the human society of ancient times, can we say that we have changed in this aspect? Though, no doubt it’s true we have evolved much beyond and developed our behaviour into egoistic approach, the conceptual aspects remain the same.

We are here, right now, to evolve together and not separately. We are here to procreate and maintain the race, together.  We are here to rise up and upgrade the system, together.

Can we ask: why do we study and give importance to Anthropology, History or Sociology? Because they ESSENCE remain the same.

Before understanding how YOU can be HAPPY TODAY, you have to comprehend how human being has been doing it for last few million of years so you can copy paste in your daily routine by simply applying certain tips.

Happiness starts with you…

(Read more in January. Stay tuned)



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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