The Day. You choose.

This article is part of the 5th Chapter of the book “CHOOSE to be HAPPY” Co-authored by Dr. Anjali Bungaleea and Raul Villamarin Rodriguez.

Brain active, eyes opened and pay full focus to the ideas that will change your perception of the reality.

By now, no doubt you are aware of your powerful emotional intelligence, you have became courageous and intuitive during the last 4 days of practice. You have discovered ‘how to choose to be happy’ and where your self-awareness has been hidden so far.  Our next step is the real match after the so called training and the glittering rainbow after the storm.  Your hard work will be shown through CHOICES.

Choices are your own neurons acting in a parallel way and communicating with each other in a coded language of electrical impulses which will lead you to take actions. These actions are manifested in your body language, your style, your reactions to actions, your mood-swings based on emotions and decisions you take. All of them are conscious and unconscious choices based on the pyramid of the floating iceberg.  Therefore, I will teach you to control your brain and its response to external facts.




Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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