Why is India not leading the world market yet?

We all are aware about the economic potential of India, a country that immense, overpopulated and ‘poor’ are highlighted as its skills? But is it that way? Well, true is that the +1.2 Billion citizens are there (registered) covering an enormous extended area of land that almost copies the size of the European Union. But, is India poor? Or mismanaged? The image that media wants us to have about this ‘continent’ is the extreme differences and poorness among the society. But when you land in India, you are able to observe that the issue isn’t the lack of profits (India was pointed as the 2nd most profitable country in GDP in Asia in the year 2014) but the mismanagement of the government and politicians. It’s been almost two years of my Indian experience where I have observed how CEOs to small business owners struggle everyday to push forward their businesses and lifes. Therefore, lack of work isn’t there either. Every time I meet a new customer, I wonder why aren’t they leading the world yet? Why the US, UK, EU..? India seems to be much more adequate.

In fact, the average of students per class in the Universities for Engineering, Medicine, Law or Mass Media degrees are three times higher than the average of the European Union and US together. But that’s not all, India graduates double the number of engineers per year than the whole European Union. That’s something to keep in mind.

So, if money isn’t the problem to acquire, students have the capabilities to top a degree course and they are able to use lateral thinking while struggling everyday, what’s missing? Let me highlight the reasons:

Punctuality: This isn’t old-fashioned. I personally hate the fact of waiting for anyone. In fact, what do we do in the Western world is to leave the place most of the times if the other part gets late. You come late to a meeting and you will make that person waste her/his valuable time and then you expect them to host you for a meeting. I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work that way. And to compliment it, the worst thing you can do is to put up excuses of any kind. Don’t be naive, no one is interested in what happened or not. They don’t wanna know about your life but to begin with the meeting.

Resources: Indians are very good at lateral thinking. They’re masters at finding the most hidden solutions to any situation/problem/reality. But India has lack of resources. This happens due to a huge mismanagement from the government side which is ‘investing’ the money in irregular activities.

Currency: The INR (Indian National Rupee) has a very low value against the markets they want to compete with. The only solution is to enhance the accountability system by making the INR stronger in the Stock Market. The work is under process.


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