The secret romance of modern Architecture

Architecture has been since ages the art of infrastructure, design and evolution in structural psychology. It has allowed us to enhance our perspective of the world by creating insanely well-done forms and figures around the main cities in the world. Nowadays, you can find that main buildings have an emotional meaning behind them as well as the simplest structures do. But a few decades ago, Architecture stopped from being just ‘art’ to become a business, a big bunch of business people dealing with and as artists. Therefore, in a capitalist world, architecture had to redefine itself and its way to reaching out to potential customers and investors. And it did it. Professionals discovered Psychology. They started exploring the area of cognitive behaviour and client treatment and… what a surprise! The story of Romeo and Juliet seemed to be there, just in front of them. Architecture…and Psychology. Two opposite fields with different backgrounds falling apart to become one.

In fact, these days is vital to have two main skills as an architect: Imagination and Emotional Intelligence. Because it doesn’t matter anymore how good you or your work are if you can’t convince your customer to buy your product. When they come to your office, they aren’t expecting a diagnostic over their health. They really have big expectations towards their dreams and projects which have to be fulfilled and sold in the right and appropriate manner.

We, at IRIANS, work on the internal relationship between Romeo and Juliet to make your clients time worth it each and every minute while your business projection scales positions.


By Norman Weinstein, March 5, 2010

Book Review: “Design through Dialogue: A Guide for Clients and Architects,” by Karen A. Franck and Teresa von Sommaruga Howard



General Secretary

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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