The best liar in the world

True is that the best liars are always hidden. But this is outrageous. For almost a century, the well known Polygraph has been unofficially recognised as uneffective. At IRIANS, we do not use this kind of old fashioned tech which detects whether your body is stimulated or not according to the constant rainfall of questions during the interview. Myself, leading the Dept of Business Communications, Non-verbal communication and Deception Detection at IRIANS, I am completely against this machine, qualifying it as a fraud even.

What am I sorry about is those innocent citizens condemned to years of prison due to the ‘decision’ of the ‘beep’ when they are receiving a stimulus.

Brandy Zadrony- The Daily Beast



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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  1. Segismundo García de la Puerta says:

    I’m sure close to 10%

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