Sustainability – Fun not Boring

When we hear the word sustainability, we often envision a strict or policy-bound activity. In terms of architecture, one may see it as a disciplined and uninteresting approach to design, filled with technical details which strip the design of any ‘fun’ characteristic. However, there is no rulebook that dictates each and every aspect of sustainable design to bar it from any interesting features. Sustainability is a rather complex and exciting design approach, which gives the designer or architect not just more responsibility but also more freedom to explore new and innovative ideas for the project. It may be slightly tricky to amalgamate the principles of sustainability with enjoyable spaces/features in a building design, but if appropriately tackled, it can turn out to be a rather remarkable design.

To understand how sustainable design can actually be fun, enjoyable and unique, take a look at the following video in the link.


Akshay Ashok Salunkhe



IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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