Once again, another brief of the book written by Dr. Anjali Bungaleea and Mr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez ‘CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY’. Read more in 2016..We know you are eagerly waiting for it, but do not stress yourself.
“Unconsciously, we get so indulged in our daily life that we allow let the world outside penetrate and distort our perception.
I recall being very sleepy on my A’Level Chemistry examination paper in the examination hall. I now realise that stress actually entwines the body in weird ways to generate enough energy to solve that tension-creating situation. That state of tension creates a possible split in our energy ‘harmonics’ and we end up in all sorts of physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual reactions.

Similar to you, am as prone to negative mood swings and my cost free therapy is footing if not jogging! The movement sequences act to stimulate the proper vital energy circulation in the body, thus re-instating harmony and balance.

Fact: Stress can be avoided by the CHOICES we make vis-a-vis:

1) Daily activities we get engaged in – gossips, brooding thoughts, gambling, versus positive visualization, physical activity (balancing)

2) Personal and professional networking – people we allow into our lives, i.e. emotionally toxic individuals, or controlling individuals who rule our lives by their actions, words and deeds, versus people who love and support us, and who we love and support

3) Spoken words and intimate thoughts, i.e. revengeful and destructive thoughts, versus positive mind set.
It’s truly all about the choices we make! What will you choose for your life? Imbalance – or Balance? Stress – or transformed Stress?

Any form of stress, voluntary or otherwise, gets the body revving up in order to generate enough energy to solve that tension-creating situation. That state of tension creates a possible split in our energy ‘harmonics’.

Gossips can influence our minds on a profound level, resulting in stress.

Some pearl of wisdom I have came across recently: ‘What other people think of you is none of your business’.
Draw two columns.

In column one, write down ten issues that cause you stress.

In column 2, write down what the worst can result from the stress.

Stress is unavoidable but necessary. Stress is an enormous psychological, biological and emotional issue for all of us. That’s the price we have to pay for the tremendous advantages which we get in return. For example, let’s imagine how would your life be without stress of any kind? Well, research shows how hard would it be. Right now, you must be wondering ‘Is he saying that stress is GOD?’ Yes, it is as well as vital. Stress is that emotional/neuronal form that makes us get up from the bed in the morning. Stress makes us run to win, study to pass, believe to achieve… Stress is nothing but ideas transformed into electrical receptors which combined with adrenaline create the feeling which we all know.

On the other hand, despite of being necessary and positive in many senses, stress need to be managed in the human mind. We cannot leave stress alone, observing how it grows up till the point that it becomes immemsely huge. Therefore, we often require professionals in the emotional field to help us out with it. Can’t we control it on our own? Yes, we can.

In first place, ‘DO NOT overthink too much’. Taking rounds on the same topic again and again won’t help you finding out a solution. In fact, will create you more stress while finding a solution for the new problema which you got while overthinking.

Secondly, spend time alone. Stress Management follows HAPPINESS. Spending time alone will allow you to know yourself better, your problems, your characteristics, how weird you are, your sense of humour, your strenghts and your weakness. Stress comes because we are not sure how people will react to us, to our personality or to our actions. Knowing ourselves will avoid those uncomfortable situations where we do feel that we do not know ourselves good enough.

Finally, take stress to the ‘positive’ part alongside. Make stress your FRIEND. Stress is not your enemy. It is not something you have to control but comprehend. Once you are aware that stress is there to help you out, you will be a stress manager who achieves HAPPINESS.”



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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