I am glad to share with you a brief of one of the chapters of the book ‘CHOOSE to be HAPPY’ for which I am the co-author along with Dr. Anjali Bungaleea. The book will be releasing in 2016.


Perception is a matter of responses to stimulus which lead us to effectively give an answer to our surroundings. Perception is everything which allows us to classify different ítems, situations or realities into groups and generalize them as stereotypes. One of the main issues nowasdays is the misperception of the educational system which is a matter of concern.

Quoting one of my most recognised articles and post on the social network, Facebook, you will be able to fully understand what perception is and how it can lead you to achieve HAPPINESS.

“Completing a research paper, I came across some interesting facts about educational perception. The truth is that it’s hilarious how the educational system works in many countries. What we are creating is a general society of human parasites who do not want to become game-changers anymore. I wonder how will we evolve without change? Nowadays, the only aim is generally not to acquire knowledge but to follow up the social principles of retention of information from books in order to complete the syllabus even though you might have not understood a single word; what we are facing is a group of youngsters who seem to be uninterested about everything in the surroundings and who are just looking forward to maintain a standard life style. We have transmitted an idea of life which is actually wrong as it tries to push you into the deep hole of monotonous social interaction. In fact, the general society doesn’t go beyond limits. It teaches how you have to design your life!
’Grow up; study; don’t mess it up; don’t get into trouble; don’t criticise the system much; get married if possible; have children; feed them; pay their studies and tuitions; do some sports to remain fit and socially accepted; retire; chill; spend time at home and finally expire.’

Generally, if you don’t follow those standards, you may face social exclusion in form of laugh, gossip of harassment.

But you would be wondering how did I come across those facts by writing about educational perception, right? The answer is that the only problem is not to have game-changers or not among the citizens but the mental disorders which this situation creates. Why? Because of life dissatisfaction, happiness get extremely reduced which leads to serious damage in the cerebral cortex. Happiness in the great unknown in science. It is simply considered as an emotion but it is also a mixture of chemical reactions combined with physical information which lead to a stigma in the brain. In basic terms, Happiness is not only necessary but vital.

Therefore, before taking any logical decision, let your intuition act accordingly when analysing the possibilities and, it may lead you to your inner happiness.”

So, you perception is… read more in 2016.



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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