On the 22nd of August we at IRIANS had an exciting time. If you have been following us, you would know that we had our grand launch with the help of the kind folks at Sula.

The launch saw a first of its kind live consumption experiment which examined the influence of music on beverage tasting. Consumption studies serve a very important purpose. This is because there are several complex psychosocial subprocesses functioning at every stage of consumption of a good or service which determines the manner in which we select and use the same. For example, factors like social norms, emotions, culture can determine our level of satisfaction with a product.

While the event began on a note of heightened curiosity among the participants about the experiment and what they were supposed to do, it ended with a sense of excitement and eagerness among them about the results of the study. The words ‘intrigued’, ‘curious’, ‘interesting’ were abundant in the feedback we received about the event.

The experiment involved participants trying out a variety of Sula’s exquisite red and white wines and different juices paired with different music clips that we played. Simultaneously they also gave ratings regarding various criteria like preferences, likelihood of buying the beverage, perceptions of healthiness, sweetness, acidity etc. Our results will help us better understand how differences in music affect these variables related to beverage tasting.

Since traditional market research in India doesn’t take this kind of neuropsychological approach we are proud to have initiated curiosity and excitement about this.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

• “Curious experiment. The amount of disclosure seems just right. In any case the results seem to be interesting. Would love to follow up on the research.”

• “A fantastic experience, never been a part of anything like this before – great atmosphere.”

• “I started to associate music with wine drinking. The heavier the music the harder the wine tasted and with softer music the wine seemed to taste lighter and sweeter and I thought I could pay a higher price.”

• “It was an awesome experience – something we in India can’t imagine about.”

• “A creative experiment, something very different, felt good to be a part of it”

• “The music was good – some tastes surpassed the music and some seemed to overlap with the taste.”

Irians Research Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Intuitively conceived, scientifically proven



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