To Change or Not to Change

The sun rises the calendar flips
My room brightens yet I’m engulfed in darkness

Onwards the hour and minute hand ticks
I drag myself here I drag myself there
Yet my soul feels stuck in the same madness

My eyes linger at the window
I hope my blink catches a new sight
It is but a futile wait as the sun begins to set

The moon and stars bring along another cup of hope
But the yearning grows, slowly pulling onto my mind’s rope

This yearning I had never known of, for the space always gave to me, in my times of need
But now I crave for a change, as into it I shall transcend

Coming home to the same, coming home to the new
My mind plays on, to bid the old adieu
I am in vain as it seems all plain
Because to change or not to change is the real question.
As There is life…when the space around you is alive…

Have you ever wanted to just run away from your house or workplace?
A sudden urge to be in a new environment? Sometimes, I get tired of sitting in my own room, figuring out my next write up. It happened as I was brainstorming upon this article’s topic. I realised I was grappled by the monotony of my surrounding space. So I looked out the window, staring as far as the neighbouring building allowed me to. The sight was nothing different than everyday and it somewhat seemed like a spell of stagnation which I needed to break in order to feel alive again. So I thought I’d start with a poem that related to my state of mind. My room is where I spend each day doing all my work. But once in a while there comes a time, when I get tired of the space around me and I run to places like a coffee shop, a garden, a public library or even a crowded and noisy lounge. This helps my creative juices to flow better.

Many of us find ourselves in the exact same situation, and feel the need for a fresh environment once in a while. What does this signify ? Are we prone to an eventuality of getting bored of our surrounding space?
This can be reflected in our need to renovate or reinvent spaces around us or move to a new house or office location after a period of time.

You make your own space and in turn the space makes you. But when this cycle stops, we feel uneasy and helpless. We begin to contemplate a change of environment, and we realise the power that it has to either enhance or abate our cognitive activities. This may be a direct contradiction to my previous article which discussed how me may at times oppose the idea of change in our architectural surroundings. However, the effect our artificial as well as natural environment has on us is distinctly visible in both scenarios. We want change yet we sometimes don’t want change.
To try to better understand this phenomenon, I encourage you to engage yourself in my simple task. Look around you ; what are the things in your surrounding space which you’d like to change and what are the things you want to preserve and WHY?
Feel free to share your thoughts on my page or right here below. Head to this link and drop in a line or two if you’d like –

Akshay Ashok Salunkhe



IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute

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